Simplified Recipe Blancmange

Simplified Recipe Blancmange

This is a blancmange with a smooth texture, light, and pure white. This is a simplified version of another recipe for blancmange (Recipe ID: 595183).


Milk (or soy milk)
500 ml
50 g
Heavy cream
200 ml
Almond essence
A few drops
Powdered gelatin
10 g
100 ml


1. Dissolve the gelatin in water (not listed).
2. Pour the milk into a pot and heat to 50-60ºC (do not let it boil). Add the gelatin from Step 1 and the sugar and dissolve. Add almond essence and let the mixture cool.
3. After the mixture in Step 2 cools, add heavy cream and stir gently, not letting it get frothy. Pour into containers and chill until firm.
4. It's good plain, but you could also try topping with confiture or compote.♪
5. Almond essence has a strong flavor, so use the amount you like (it's still delicious without it). But it is definitely good with the heavy cream.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a pudding made from milk. It's good for summer or when you don't have much appetite. I changed Recipe ID: 595183 by omitting the step of whipping the cream and increasing the amount of heavy cream. I think it tastes about the same. I've also made blancmange with azuki bean paste and black sesame added, and this recipe made it really easy.