Homemade Pasta

Homemade Pasta

These noodles have such a pleasant springy texture. You can taste and feel the freshness. You can easily make such pasta by hand.

Ingredients: 2-3 servings

Durum Semolina Flour (or Bread Flour)
130 g
Wheat Flour
120 g
2 pinches
Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil
1 tablespoon


1. First, combine the flour and salt together in a large bowl, and make an indent in the center. Then, crack the eggs, and mix in the oil as well.
2. Scrape at the edges of the flour bit by bit, and mix together with the tips of your fingers. Take the dough out onto a work surface once it has about come together and knead for 3 minutes,even if it is still a bit floury.
3. It's best if it feels like the dough is a bit lacking in moisture! Roll up the dough after kneading, wrap in a wet cloth, and let sit for 30 minutes in order to allow it to turn into a rich dough.
4. Divide the dough in half, and stretch it out with a rolling pin on a work surface dusted with flour. It should be between 1 mm-1.5 mm thick. It'd be convenient to have a pasta machine.
5. Thoroughly shake the dusting flour off, fold the dough, and cut the dough. Cut to your desired width. I cut mine about 1 cm thick.
6. Boil lots of water, stir in some salt (unlisted), and boil for about 5-6 minutes. Drain, mix in your favorite sauce, and enjoy a piece of heaven!
7. Try this dish out for the summer! Eggplant and Meat Pasta.
8. Divide any leftover cut pasta into small portions and place on a cutting board to dry for a little while. It should keep for about 2-3 days if you store it in the fridge.
9. Side note: Pasta Curtain: Fold the stretched dough from the top towards the bottom in the center. The trick is to leave an opening in the center and then cut the noodles.
10. Place a cooking chopstick in the center, and fold forward.
11. Pick up the cooking chopstick and shake to make the pasta curtain. Letting the pasta dry for an appropriate amount of time will not only make it easier to store, but also easier to handle.

Story Behind this Recipe

I make homemade ramen several times a year as a hobby, and discovered the deliciousness of dry egg noodles while aiming to make some homemade noodles with a nice texture. I haven't turned back from homemade noodles since. I expanded my horizons to pasta as well, and came up with these noodles.