Basic & Delicious Pizza Sauce in the Blender

Basic & Delicious Pizza Sauce in the Blender

You can make this delicious pizza sauce in just 15 minutes in a blender! It's cheap, easy, and delicious It tastes great in gratin dishes or with eggplant and potato cheese bakes! You can also store this sauce in the freezer for later use!

Ingredients: 2-3 pizzas' worth

Canned tomato
1 can
Soup stock cubes
1 clove
Italian herb mix (or just oregano)
1 teaspoon


1. Cut the carrot into bite-sized pieces, then add it along with the other ingredients (except for the Italian herb mix) into a blender and blend.
2. When the ingredients have become a purée, pour the mixture into a frying pan with the herb mix and cook it down on a medium heat for 10 minutes.
3. When the mixture is cooled, it's ready to use! Pour the mixture into a bottle and store it in the refrigerator. It should keep for 3 weeks.
4. You can freeze it like this as well.
5. Please give this "Crispy Pizza Dough", Recipe ID: 577620, a go as well!!
6. If you cook the sauce down a bit first before adding it to the blender, then cook it down a second time after blending, it won't spit as much. However, the reduced water content may make it hard for the blades in the blender to move.
7. You can also make this sauce in a food processor! If you add the sauce to a food processor, the blades will still work well even if there isn't much liquid so you don't need to worry about what I wrote in Step 6.

Story Behind this Recipe

After a lot of trial and error I finally came up with a great tasting pizza sauce!