Macrobiotic: "Fake" Cucumber Sushi Rolls

Macrobiotic: "Fake" Cucumber Sushi Rolls

I don't use sushi rice here but these still taste like sushi, so I guess it's kind of a "fake" recipe.

Ingredients: 2 rolls (1 serving)

Brown rice
1 rice bowl's worth (160 g)
1/4 of a thin cucumber
1 large
Sushi nori seaweed
1 sheet


1. Cut the sheet of seaweed in half. Cut the cucumber to the same length as the crosswise length of the sheet of seaweed. Cut it thinly or it will be hard to roll later. Take out the pit from the umeboshi and finely mince.
2. Add the sliced nori seaweed to a sushi mat and on top of that, half of the cooked rice (about 80 g). With wet hands, push the rice down flat. Lay the sliced cucumber and umeboshi on top the rice and roll it whilst pressing the ends.
3. Position the rolls with the seam side down and leave them to rest. Once the seaweed starts to tightened up, cut the roll into bite-sized pieces.

Story Behind this Recipe

My friend made these for me once and I wanted to try making a macrobiotic version.