Kabocha Squash and Sweet Potato Salad

Kabocha Squash and Sweet Potato Salad

It's addictive! Try this amazingly delicious dish. The one recipe of mine that I highly recommend! You won't believe how great it is. It also helps relieve constipation.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Kabocha squash
1/4 (300 g)
Sweet potato, large
1 (350 g)
Processed cheese
60 g
60 g
Salt and pepper
to taste


1. Boil the eggs. Remove the skin from the sweet potato and boil. Peel the skin from the kabocha and microwave until tender. Cut the cheese into 1 cm cubes.
2. Put the sweet potato, kabocha, and boiled eggs in a bowl, then mash with mayonnaise, salt, and pepper. Add cheese and mix.
3. I recommend spreading this on a piece of toasted bread heel. Of course, it's delicious as-is too...

Story Behind this Recipe

I tried to replicate an appetizer I had at an izakaya (Japanese pub) and ended up with something even better.