Delicious Chicken Wings

Delicious Chicken Wings

I boil the chicken wings, wipe off the excess oil, and then grill them to crunchy perfection. Since I boil them, the meat is soft and tender. When you grill them, the you can smell the peppery fragrance. This makes me drool.


Chicken wing tips
*Sesame oil
1 teaspoon
a scant 1 teaspoon
* Coarsely ground pepper
As much as you would like.
1 teaspoon
*Tubed ginger
2~3 cm
*Soy sauce
A drizzle


1. Boil the wings while they are still cold. Of course you can warm them up beforehand too.
2. Once the centers start to to turn color, very very carefully dry them. Do it while they are still hot because the flavor sinks in while they are hot. Don't let them cool.
3. While they are still hot, take the wings and the [*] ingredients and put them into a bag and shake. Now you can let them cool. Feel free to taste it too if you'd like!
4. Now that they have cooled, grill them until they are crispy on both sides and they are done! They will cook just fine so you don't have to make both sides crispy if you don't want to.
6. This time I made 30 wings using the same ingredients. I also added in doubanjiang to it as well and it came out spicy. These are even more ridiculously delicious.
7. Our home is actually quite crowded so we prefer to grill them outside. It does take a bit of time to grill them, however you know they are safely cooked.

Story Behind this Recipe

I forgot to defrost the wings and so I boiled them.
Wing tips and drumettes both are difficult to cook, and since they are, at least I know they are safe because they are boiled at the beginning.
When you go camping, this is an essential dish.