Soy Milk Yogurt!

Soy Milk Yogurt!

Wow! This is yogurt made from soy milk! You can make it in 5 seconds! Not only that, the peculiar soy milk odor is mysteriously lessened too. It's like conducting a science experiment when you make this.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Soy milk (the type that you can make tofu with)
100 ml
1 teaspoon
・Honey or oligosaccharide sweetener
to taste


1. Put the vinegar in the soy milk, and mix immediately with a spoon.
2. Add a sweetener such as oligosaccharide, and it's done! It's also delicious mixed with jam or fruit, etc.

Story Behind this Recipe

I tried putting vinegar in soy milk and it thickened and became creamy. I thought it looked like yogurt!