Caramel Corn Flavored Bread Crust Snacks Made in a Microwave

Caramel Corn Flavored Bread Crust Snacks Made in a Microwave

These are made in a microwave oven. They have a crispy texture and flavor that may remind you of a familiar snack.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Bread crusts or thinly sliced bread
About 2 slices of bread worth
2 tablespoons
●Salted butter (butter for toast is fine)
1 tablespoon
●Coffee cream
You could use heavy cream or milk instead
1 tablespoon


1. Cut the bread crusts or sliced bread into small cubes and arrange in a ring on a heatproof dish. The middle is left open since it tends to burn.
2. Microwave for a minute at 500W without covering. Take it out, then put back in the microwave and for another minute at 500W. Take it out again, toss it around with your hands, and microwave for 30 seconds at 500W. Take it out again and see how it looks, then if needed, microwave for another 30 seconds. The bread is usually pretty dry before the last 30 seconds, so only microwave that last time if necessary. Once the bread is crunchy, it's done.
3. Put the ● ingredients in an unwrapped, heatproof container and microwave for 1 minute at 500W. Take it out and stir. Repeat this 3 times for a total of 3 minutes to dissolve it. Add the bread cubes from Step 2, toss together and it's done.

Story Behind this Recipe

For some reason, my daughters are into "Caramel Corn" snacks these days. When I made this and asked, "What does this taste like?" they immediately replied "Caramel corn " So I decided to upload the recipe.