Peach Compote and Jelly

Peach Compote and Jelly

I use this to make peach compote, or put it on top of blancmange and ice cream. Find the blancmange here (Recipe ID: 604854).


*Granulated Sugar
50-100 g
300 ml
*Wine (or water)
100 ml
*Lemon juice
a small amount
*Vanilla Oil (or vanilla extract)
a small amount
Kirsch (or Rum)
a small amount
5 g+2 tablespoons
Or use Pearl Agar + Sugar
15 g+2 tablespoons


1. Place the peaches into a pot with the skins still attached; add the * flavoring ingredients, granulated sugar, water, white wine, lemon juice, and vanilla extract.
2. Cover with small lid that rests on top of the ingredients (otoshibuta drop lid), then cover with a regular lid. Boil over medium heat for about 10 minutes. Add kirsch (if available). Let cool, and infuse in the flavors.
3. You can easily peel the skins from the peaches. This is where you finish for compote. This time I only used 1 peach and turned it into a gelée. Use the fruit as a garnish as-is, finely chop it, or crush it.
4. It has turned a light color. Bring it to a boil in 300 ml of this syrup, Add the water-soaked gelatin and skinned peaches, and let cool.

Story Behind this Recipe

I bought two peaches. I turned one into compote and then into a gelée, and ate the other with ice cream.