Whole Stewed Squid With Instructions for Preparation

Whole Stewed Squid With Instructions for Preparation

I actually wanted to use a large squid, but since I didn't have one, I used a smaller squid with a body the size of my palm.


Japanese squid (small)
Ginger (sliced)
2 knobs
3 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
Soy sauce
1 tablespoon


1. Press down on the squid's body with your dominant hand, and with the other, grab hold at the base of the tentacles, then pull them off. Then, pull out the translucent bones, rinse the inside of the body with water, and remove the innards. (See photos for reference).
2. There is a long, thin ink bag that is inedible, so remove it gently without damaging the innards. The upper photo shows how it looks before removal, and the lower photo shows after removal.
3. Remove the eyes from the squid. It won't fly off if you do it under water as shown in the photo. The eyeball will go flying if you do this out of water.
4. Remove the beak. Scrub the legs a bit in water, and remove the hard suckers.
5. Stuff the organs and legs back up into the body. Stick in a slice of ginger as well, and secure with a toothpick. Toss into a small frying pan along with the other seasonings, cover with a lid, sauté over high heat for a minute, then reduce to low heat once it begins to simmer. Cook for 4-5 minutes without letting it boil over. It is ready to eat.
6. *This is what it looks like cut up. I love the insides.

Story Behind this Recipe

Although this may appear to be a common recipe, since I wanted to eat it the innards, too, I devised my own method.