Turkish Hummus - Chickpea Dip

Turkish Hummus - Chickpea Dip

I was so amazed by the hummus that my Turkish friend had made! This tastes even more refreshing than the Moroccan Style hummus (Recipe ID: 515305).

Ingredients: An easy to make amount

Chickpeas (boiled)
400 ml
30 g
A) Yogurt
6 tablespoons
Sesame paste
1 teaspoon
Cumin powder
1/4 teaspoon
1/2 teaspoon
Chickpeas, paprika, parsley


1. Peel the thin skin off of the chickpeas and boil for 5 minutes. Chop the onion.
2. Dry the chickpeas well. Combine the chickpeas, onion, and "A" ingredients until it becomes a paste. Place into a container with a lid and let cool.
3. Spread it out onto a plate and garnish with some chickpeas, paprika and parsley.
4. I had this with tortillas. Recipe ID: 551500.
5. This is the hummus that my friend made!
7. I accompanied it with some appetizers that I had at a Turkish restaurant.

Story Behind this Recipe

This hummus that my Turkish friend had made was so delicious! I was amazed. I asked for the ingredients and made it myself. It has such a satisfying flavor.