Shrimp, Edamame, and Corn Tempura Fritters

Shrimp, Edamame, and Corn Tempura Fritters

I made tempura fritters using my daughter's favorite edamame and corn. These are bite sized pieces. You can enjoy them as a drinking appetizer.


Vegetable oil
as needed
Peeled shrimp
100 g
Edamame or fava beans
50 g
Corn kernels
40 g
Tempura flour
50 g
75 ml


1. Prep the peeled shrimp, edamame, and corn.
2. Heat the frying oil. Mix up the tempura flour following the package instructions. Add the shrimp, edamame and corn, and deep fry tablespoons of the batter.
3. This is how they look cut open. The green, yellow and red is colorful.
4. I used this type of vegetable-fruit oil. It worked very well! The tempura fritters were light and crispy.

Story Behind this Recipe

I became a recipe tester for a certain company, so I made these tempura fritters that my daughter would enjoy.
It came out really light and crispy. Maybe it's because of the oil.