Easy Buns! Homemade Hamburger

Easy Buns! Homemade Hamburger

Once you have mastered a basic roll (Recipe ID: 588063), try a bun next! Top with anything you like. I like to sandwich leftover kinpira burdock in this. Total cooking time: three and a half hours.

Ingredients: 6 10 cm diameter buns

For the buns:
Strong (bread) flour
300 g
Instant dry yeast
6 g
White sugar
15 g
6 g
200 g
The toppings:
Vegetables of your choice
To taste
To taste


1. Grease the insides of 6 10 cm diameter circular mold with butter or shortening. If you don't have the any circular molds, make them with aluminium foil.
2. Put the buns ingredients in a bowl and mix together. Refer to the recipe for the round rolls (Recipe ID: 588063). The buns don't have milk or butter in them.
3. Referring to the roll recipe, let the dough rise once. This is how it looks after the first rising.
4. Push the dough down lightly to deflate it. Cut it into 6 portions. Referring to the round roll recipe, roll each portion into a ball and let rest for 15 to 20 minutes.
5. Push the dough balls down to remove the air. Put each ball in the greased molds, and line up on a baking sheet.
6. Leave to rise in a 30 °C oven or at room temperature for about an hour (2nd rising). If you have a proofing container, use that.
7. When the buns are puffy, brush them with egg wash and sprinkle with white sesame seeds. Bake in a 200°C oven for 15 minutes. When they are golden brown, take them out and remove the molds.
8. Cool, and cut in half.
9. Fill with fillings of your choice.
10. Wrap in kitchen parchment paper or glassine paper and serve!

Story Behind this Recipe

I saw some cheap buns on sale, but homemade buns are the best! I made this a variation on the basic round bread roll.