For Bentos Fish Sausage Rolls

For Bentos Fish Sausage Rolls

Just roll them up -- nothing could be simpler and cuter than these little pink skewers.
These are great as bento fillers or appetizers.


Fish sausage
1/2 stick
Plastic food picks
as needed


1. Slice the fish sausage into long ribbons using a peeler. Once you have enough, roll up and secure with a pick.
2. You don't have to use a peeler; if you choose to slice up the sausages yourself with a knife, they can look cute since they tend to turn out on the thicker side.
3. When I'm making these as appetizers, I fill the holes with mayonnaise and sprinkle shichimi spice they have a bite to them.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought of these to fill up the extra spaces in my bento box.