Accordion Cucumbers

Accordion Cucumbers

It's a little bit troublesome but, if you cut the cucumbers into an accordion shape, they will absorb more flavor and you can pickle or vinegar them quickly. They also have a neat presentation, so serve when you have guests.


Disposable wooden chopsticks
1 set


1. Don't cut the cucumber all the way to the bottom. Lay it on top of the chopsticks.
2. Balancing the cucumber on the chopsticks while cutting is difficult, so place one on the opposite side of cucumber and slice.
3. Flip the cucumbers and cut the same way as before, but this time place the chopstick in front of you. Since the cut side is on the bottom, cutting with one hand is difficult. If you're worried, put the chopstick on either side of the cucumber and cut down as if you're cutting the chopstick.
4. Cut off about 2 cm and use it for cooking. When rubbing in salt, since the accordion falls apart easily, soak the cucumber in salted water until tender. It's finished once the salt is evenly distributed and tastes slightly salty.
5. I also have a recipe for pickled vegetables (Recipe ID: 584593).

Story Behind this Recipe

I improvised making accordion shaped pickled cucumbers. Pickling them is easy because the salt soaks in quickly.