Waste-free Bread Rolls with Raisin Leaven

Waste-free Bread Rolls with Raisin Leaven

This is a recipe for bread rolls that make use of edible leftover yeast with no waste. They're simple but plenty delicious just by themselves!

Ingredients: baked for about 14 minutes at 190℃

Bread (strong) flour
160 g
1 tablespoon
Skim milk
1 teaspoon
Raisin yeast leavens
30 g
Lukewarm water
40-45 g
Raisin made with yeast leaven
50 g
1/4 teaspoon
Unsalted butter
10 g


1. Mix all of the ingredients aside from the unsalted butter together in a bowl, and put it out onto a surface to knead it. (The raisins are dehydrated enough so that you won't be able to smash them, so the dough will be a bit crumbly at this point.)
2. Knead the unsalted butter and Step 1 together. Squish the raisins with the palm of your hand, and knead like a washing machine while pressing down on it against the surface. Gather it all up once it has mixed throughout, cover it with the palm of your hand, and knead by rolling it up against the surface while pressing down on it with your weight.
3. Close the underside once the surface is no longer rough and it has all mixed together nicely, and smooth out the surface. Put in a bowl and cover with wrap.
4. The first rise is complete once it has swelled to 2 times the size. (For those of you that are worried about this drying out the bread, place it into a plastic bag or styrofoam container with a cup of lukewarm water and let it rise.)
5. Divide into 6 equal portions with a scraper. Gently stretch out the dough, and roll it up. Sprinkle with a bit of flour if it sticks to your hands. Flip the bowl upside down that you used to let this rise in to prevent the dough from drying out, and let it rise for 20 minutes.
6. Gently remove more gas from the dough and roll it back up, and making them round again. Line them up with the seams facing down onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Place the whole pan into a large plastic bag along with a cup of lukewarm water to prevent it from drying out, and let it rise for the second time.
7. The second rise is done once it reaches about 2 times the size.
8. Bake in an oven preheated to 190C for 14 minutes. (Adjust according to your oven. They look better and will cook more evenly if a round pan is used.)
9. It is done.
10. This is a cross section. The outside is crispy, and the inside is fluffy and chewy when freshly baked.

Story Behind this Recipe

I used to always make bread with dry yeast, but I wanted to try using natural wet yeast leavens, so I made many types of bread with natural yeast leavens. However, it is wasteful if you fail from using too much ingredients, and it all stuck to my hands no matter which recipe I used, so I came up with my own combination. Butter is in short supply today. I wanted to make a bread that tastes good with a small amount of butter, and is a straight version that even beginners will want to eat over and over again, so I thought this up.