Soy Sauce Flavored Chicken in Cream Sauce

Soy Sauce Flavored Chicken in Cream Sauce

A soy sauce flavored cream sauce that goes well with rice. I also recommend having this with pasta.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Chicken thigh
1 piece (approximately 250 g)
Mushrooms (king oyster, shimeji, etc.)
1/2 packet (approximately 100 g)
Garlic (finely chopped)
1 clove
○ Sake (or white wine if you have it)
2 tablespoons
○ Heavy cream
100 ml
○ Soy sauce
1/2 to 1 tablespoon (to your taste)
○ Salt and pepper
to taste


1. Cut the chicken thigh into bite-sized pieces. Season with salt and pepper. Finely chop the onion into slightly large pieces. Cut the mushrooms into bite-sized pieces.
2. Heat olive oil in a frying pan and sauté the garlic. Once fragrant, add the chicken and cook until lightly brown. (It doesn't have to be cooked through at this point.) Remove chicken from the pan and set aside.
3. Add the onion into the frying pan from Step 2 and sauté until translucent. Place the set aside chicken and mushrooms on top in that order. Pour the sake, cover, and steam over medium heat.
4. Once the chicken is cooked through, turn off the heat, add the heavy cream and turn the heat back on. Once heated, add the soy sauce and season with salt and pepper.
5. Once everything is well combined, it's done.
6. It goes well with rice, but it's perfect as a pasta sauce too. Please give it a shot. It's a very rich sauce, so it will go best with a thick pasta like tagliatelle.
7. Tips: The salt flavor tends to be augmented easily in a cream dish, so please make sure to check the taste when seasoning.
8. When taking out the chicken at Step 2, please take out the garlic as well (to prevent it from burning).
9. The steaming time after covering at Step 3 is about 3 to 5 minutes.

Story Behind this Recipe

Generally speaking, a cream sauce flavor doesn't go well with rice. But I still want to eat it with rice… So I came up with this recipe that would go well with rice.
It has a strong flavor, so would go well with rice and/or sake (beer or wine).
Please try it as a pasta sauce too!