Caramel Sauce

Caramel Sauce

If you make extras of this caramel sauce and keep it in stock, you can make caramel flavored sweets any time. We like to keep this stocked in our refrigerator.


Sugar (caster or granulated)
200 g
100 ml
Boiling water
100 ml


1. Put sugar and water in a pan, and start cooking over medium heat.
2. Melt the sugar while shaking the pan occasionally. At first, there will be fine bubbles on the surface, which will change to big bubbles.
3. Even while the bubbles are small, the syrup starts to brown from the edges.
4. When it's smoking slightly and as brown as you like, take the pan off the heat.
5. Have the boiling water ready to go, and add it all at once. The caramel may splatter, so I recommend doing this step in the sink.
6. If you add the boiling water through a sieve that covers the pan as shown here, the sieve will prevent splattering.
7. This is the finished caramel sauce. I love caramel that is quite dark.
8. Transfer to a jar, and refrigerator when it's cooled down. You can store it like this for a long time.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is stocked all the time in our refrigerator. My caramel jar became empty, so I replenished our stock. If you make extra, you can make caramel flavored sweets (it's always a bit of a bother to have to make the caramel) without much effort. I love caramel.