Baked Isaki (Grunt) Edition

Baked Isaki (Grunt) Edition

Of course, salt-grilled isaki (grunt) is delicious, but let's marinade it and then pan fry it coated with nutty and fragrant sesame seeds! This is great with rice or as a drinking snack!! You can also use white fish or other fish!


Isake (white grunt; the main photo is of mejina (rudder fish))
About 1 whole fish
Usukuchi soy sauce
25 ml
50 ml
White sesame seeds (the main photo uses black sesame seeds as well)
as needed


1. Remove the scales and innards and wash with water.
2. Pat the fish very well to dry with a paper towel!
3. Filet the fish. ^^
4. I cut off the head, so you can also cut it into 3 slices! This time, I thought I would make half of it in shioyaki style, so I decided to keep the head on.
5. Debone the backbone with a fish bone extractor.
6. If you remove the skin and slice it, it will become sashimi! The right side of the picture is rudder fish and the left side is white grunt sashimi.
7. Cut into large pieces. ^
8. Marinade in a sauce made up of 2 parts mirin to 1 part usukuchi (light-colored) soy sauce. I'm cheap so I didn't use a lot of sauce. If you are like me and don't have a lot of sauce for the fish to marinate in, flip the pieces over halfway through.
9. Coat with white sesame seeds.
10. Grill the fish. I used a bistro-style fish grill. I baked it for about 12 minutes. If using a built-in fish grill or similar, please be sure not to let it burn.
11. Ah, it burned a bit! Well...please be careful!
12. Mejina (rudder fish), which I used in the main photo, is also delicious!

Story Behind this Recipe

The recipe I saw in a fish cookbook used so much sauce.. so I decided to try to reduce it a bit.
Also, I changed the soy sauce to usukuchi soy sauce so that the fish wouldn't be so dark after it's cooked.
It's great as a drinking snack!