Delicious Gochujang: The No. 1 Korean Seasoning Ingredient!

Delicious Gochujang: The No. 1 Korean Seasoning Ingredient!

Gochujang is a miso-based paste that is delicious in just about any dish you add it to. It makes spicy food lovers very happy

Ingredients: A bit less than 2 kg

Rice malt miso
600 g
350 ml
300 g
Dried red chili peppers (the thin, Korean type)
150 g
Soy sauce
100 ml
Granulated sugar
70 to 80 g
1 large
1 to 3 cloves, the more the better
White sesame seeds
2 heaping tablespoons


1. Grate the onion and garlic. Use the juice that comes out when you grate them, too. (Here I'm grating the onion.)
2. Put the miso, syrup, mirin, soy sauce, grated garlic and onion in a deep frying pan and mix. Don't turn on the heat yet.
3. When everything is mixed together, switch on the heat to low. Cook while mixing constantly until it starts to bubble. When it's bubbling gently, turn off the heat.
4. Add the red chili pepper little by little, mixing all the while to make it smooth.
5. Add the granulated sugar little by little, stirring constantly.
6. Add the ground sesame seeds while mixing.
7. The paste is now finished. Let it cool down, then store in the refrigerator.
8. This is how much is made with this recipe. It's ready to eat after 5 days. You can store it in the refrigerator for more than a year.
9. These are dried Korean chili peppers. From left to right: Coarse, medium and thin. For gochujang, use half medium and half thin, or all thin.

Story Behind this Recipe

Storebought gochujang comes in such small packets, and sometimes I use up one packet in a single dish. I wanted to use as much as I wanted, so I tried making my own. We like food that's on the sweet side, so this gochujang is a bit sweet. I plan to continue working on the recipe to make my gochujang even more delicious!