Mashed Sweet Potato Cakes

Mashed Sweet Potato Cakes

This is a local specialty of Nagasaki that few people know about. While it may look like snack food, it's served as a fancy side dish.
Try this recipe when you have a lot of sweet potatoes to consume!

Ingredients: About 10 cakes

Sweet potatoes
About 500 g
50 g (Or more for a glutenous texture)
70 g (Adjust to your taste)


1. Slice the sweet potatoes in 1 cm thickness. Skins can be removed or left on. I boil the potatoes first, then remove the skin when I mash them.
2. Drain the potatoes and mix flour and sugar and mash together. Add a little of the liquid from the boiled potatoes (about 50 ml) for a smooth consistency. It's fine not to add liquid.
3. Mash until it becomes to this consistency. It's tasty with a few lumps.
4. Roll into desired size. Shape them round like the moon. The large ones are for dinner, and the smaller ones are for tomorrow's packed lunch.
5. Let them cool. If fried hot, they may crumble! Coat lightly in flour before frying.
6. Deep fry in oil. You can also fry them in a pan.
7. If there's mashed potato left over, wrap and store in freezer.
8. The smaller cakes are for packed lunch.
9. I recreated this pounded cakes with sweet bean paste inside that I once found. This version also delicious. They're addictive.

Story Behind this Recipe

It's not clear whether it is called "tsukiage" because you "tsuki" (pound) and "ageru" (deep fry) the boiled potato, or because it's round and yellow like the moon.

Even in Nagasaki, only people from my hometown make these.

They're so good that I posted the recipe to spread the word.

But this is my version, perhaps there's a proper recipe somewhere.