Boiled Soybean Salad with Miso-Mayo Sauce

Boiled Soybean Salad with Miso-Mayo Sauce

A quick and easy salad made with boiled soybeans. Miso and mayonnaise go well with soybeans. The cucumbers adds crunch and the sesame oil adds fragrance.

Ingredients: about 2 servings

Boiled soybeans
140 g
1 small
3 tablespoons
■Miso (awase miso)
3 teaspoons
Sesame oil
1 generous teaspoon
Toasted sesame seeds
as needed


1. I used this brand of canned soybeans.
2. Combine the ■ ingredients into a bowl. Make a crisscross pattern cut in the cucumber, and cut into 5 mm pieces.
3. Add the boiled soybeans and cucumber to the Step 1 flavouring ingredients mixture, and mix well. Add the sesame oil at the end.
4. Finish with a sprinkling of sesame seeds, and it's done. Kids will enjoy the flavour as well.

Story Behind this Recipe

My friend told me that boiled soybeans and canned tuna go well with mayonnaise so I based off this recipe on this inspiration.