Chocolate Light Chocolate Bread

Chocolate Light Chocolate Bread

This recipe will also show you how to prepare a chocolate "sheet" to knead into the dough. Please fee free to make this with your favorite bread dough.

Ingredients: 130 g upon finishing yields one small and large chute pan

Bitter chocolate: crushed
25 g
50 g
■Cocoa powder
5 g
■Strong bread flour
15 g
5 g
10 g
Condensed Milk
20 ml
A little less than 5 g
★ Bread dough
Large: I recommend (Recipe ID: 568839)
280-300 g of the flour
Small: Same as above
230-250 g of the flour


1. Set aside 20 ml of milk, mix the rest with the chocolate, and microwave for 30 seconds. Mix with a whisk after it dissolves, and add in the remaining amount of milk to lower the temperature. Combine the ■ ingredients and sift the cocoa once so that it doesn't ball up.
2. Mix Step 1 together and dissolve. Microwave at 500 W for 50 seconds, but be careful about the first part warming up. It heats up a bit fast, so use a small amount for a general measure. Take it out once and stir it up.
3. Microwave for 20-30 seconds, mix together, add in the butter while it is still warm, cover with plastic wrap, let sit at room temperature for more than an hour to settle, and fold it in.
4. I included it into (Recipe ID: 568839). It didn't swell up too much in with 9 layers and there are times when it feels like there is little bread. It seems to be better to twist two pieces together instead of three.
5. This has 27 layers. It will swell up more than 9 layers if you increase the amount of layers. If you place the cut cross section on the inside and knit it tightly together, then the dough will overflow and could be the cause of failure. (It should be okay as long as you don't bake it in an enclosed bread pan).
6. Using 10 g of cocoa will increase the bitterness, but it will also become a bit floury. This is made for home so the cross section is also marbled, as is the inside. It seems that kneading in the bread dough and the sheet.

Story Behind this Recipe

I changed out the coffee and green tea with chocolate, and tried making this several times. But the chocolate won't listen to me when the temperature changes, so it isn't good for storing or letting sit out. I don't like eggs and want to make a version without egg whites, but the chocolate is difficult. If you are okay with egg whites, then that type is definitely better.