Easy Yatsuhashi Sweets Made with Dango Flour

Easy Yatsuhashi Sweets Made with Dango Flour

These are easy to make in the microwave. I've added photos for each step. It's easy to make this at home, and it will taste just like the yatsuhashi from a confectionary shop!


For the dough:
○Dango flour
100 g
55-65 g
Lukewarm water
130 ml
For the coating:
30 g
5 g
For the filling:
Anko (sweet bean paste)
as needed (150 g should be enough)


1. These are the only ingredients you need to prepare!
2. Start by mixing the ○ ingredients. Then mix the ◎ ingredients. Mixing them first will prevent lumps!
3. Add lukewarm water to the ○ ingredients and mix well. Cover with plastic wrap and microwave for 3 minutes (for a 500 watt microwave). Then mix gently and microwave for 3 more minutes.
4. If you're using a 600 watt microwave, cook for 2 minutes, mix, and return to the microwave for 1 minute and 40 seconds. The picture shows the mixture after microwaving the first time and then mixing.
5. When it's translucent like the picture, it's done. If it needs a little longer, microwave for 10 second intervals and watch carefully!
6. Take a large piece of plastic wrap and put some of the ◎ mixture. Then place the dough on top and sprinkle on the rest of the ◎ mixture.
7. Roll out into a thin dough. Try to roll it flat into a square, so you won't waste dough. (But somehow I always end up making a rectangle..)
8. Cut into squares. Rectangles are okay too. I recommend using a pizza cutter for this step!
9. Cut off a corner of the bag of anko (sweet bean paste) and squeeze out anko. If you make a pretty large incision in the bag, the anko will come out like in the picture, and the yatsuhashi will look nice when you fold it.
10. If the dough pieces were too long when you cut them, you can stretch with your hands to make them more square.
11. You can get all the ingredients at a supermarket, so it only costs about 100 yen to make this recipe.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was wondering if I could make something out of leftover dango flour.