Basic Bread Dough For Butter Rolls

Basic Bread Dough For Butter Rolls

This dough is a basic for snack-type breads (with fillings) and butter rolls.
The dough is slightly sweet, so the bread is good plain, used for sandwiches, or filled with various fillings before baking!

Ingredients: 16 large rolls (8 rolls)

Bread (strong) flour
560 g (280 g)
56 g (28 g)
10 g (5 g)
56 g (28 g)
84 g (42 g)
280 g (140 g)
Dry yeast
8 g (4 g)
Beaten egg to glaze the rolls
as needed


1. Toss all the ingredients except for the butter into the bread machine.
2. After 15 minutes of mixing, add the butter and allow to rise.
3. After the 1st rising, remove the dough from the machine and divide into 70 g portions. Form into rounds and let rest for 20 minutes. Using the amounts listed above, the butter rolls will turn out to be slightly large. If you like smaller sizes, divide the dough into about 40 g portions.
4. Form the rounds into a carrot shape. Then roll them out with a rolling pin.
5. Roll loosely from the broader side, and place on a baking tray with the seal side down. If the narrow side (far end) is flattened out, the sealed side will be smoother.
6. Prevent the dough from drying out and allow it to rise for 30-40 minutes. If the room temperature is too low, adjust to 35℃. (2nd rising)
7. Glaze the rolls with beaten egg, and bake at 200℃ for 10-15 minutes in the oven.
8. Additional notes on shaping. Take the dough from step 4 and with your hands, stretch until narrow and about 24 cm long (refer to photo, dough on the left). With a rolling pin, flatten it out (refer to photo, the 2nd dough from the left). Roll them up from the near-side.
9. Roll them up loosely. If you roll them up too tightly, the dough will not rise well. The near-side is broader and the far end is narrower.
10. Gently press down and place with the seam side down.
11. If needed, spray to prevent the dough from drying out and allow to rise (2nd rising). Glaze with beaten egg and bake at 200℃ for 10-15 minutes.

Story Behind this Recipe

Butter roll dough is the basic type used for snack breads.
I have tried various ratios, and I am still experimenting...But this recipe is by far the best, so here it is.