For Children's Day Flying Carp Rolled Sandwiches

For Children's Day Flying Carp Rolled Sandwiches

I decorated rolled sandwiches to make these really cute flying carp.
(May 5th is Children's Day in Japan where families with male children fly carp shaped wind socks or "koinobori" from a pole in front of their house)

Ingredients: 3 pairs

Sliced sandwich bread
3 slices
Chocolate decorating pen
Brown and pink
M&Ms, or other chocolate candies (optional)
Your favorite sandwich fillings
to taste


1. Cut the crusts off the bread slices. Prepare the fillings.
2. I decided to make fruit and whipped cream filled rolled sandwiches. Put a sheet of plastic wrap on your work surface, and place a slice of bread on top. Add the fillings, and roll up the bread.
3. Use the plastic wrap to roll it up from the side closest to you. Leave the roll with the end edge on the bottom for a while until the roll settles. In the meantime, soften the filling of the decoration pens so that it's runny enough to squeeze out.
4. Cut the rolled sandwiches in half.
5. Use the long fruit picks (or cocktail snack picks) sold in 100 yen shops to secure two rolled sandwiches pieces together.
6. Add the chocolate candies as eyes. (If you dab a little chocolate from the pen on the back of the candies, they'll stay in place better.) Draw the fish scales on with the pens, and the sandwiches are done.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I was making rolled sandwiches, it struck me that they kind of looked like flying carps, so I tried making these.