Strawberry Yogurt Ice Cream

Strawberry Yogurt Ice Cream

Originally, I made this dish with leftovers.

Ingredients: you can easily adjust the serving size to make as much as you want.

1/2 pack
Plain yogurt
300 g (without draining)
60 g
Heavy cream
100 ml


1. Wash the strawberries, and pat dry the excess water. Put the strawberries and sugar in a bowl.
2. Roughly mash with a masher. Leave it chunky.
3. Add lightly whipped heavy cream.
4. Pour in the yogurt, and mix well.
5. Transfer it to a container and freeze. Take it out 2 or 3 times during refrigerating, and stir well.
6. Garnish with mint leaves.
7. There is a frozen yogurt recipe. Recipe ID: 616264 This one doesn't use heavy cream, so it's icier.

Story Behind this Recipe

After making a strawberry cake, I wanted to use the leftover strawberries and heavy cream, and this recipe came to my mind. Adding yogurt makes this dish refreshing. Adjust the sweetness to your liking after tasting it. This recipe is not very sweet.