Strained Yogurt The Lazy Way!

Strained Yogurt The Lazy Way!

Set yogurt to strain, and go to bed!


Plain yogurt
1 carton (any size)


1. Put a sieve on top of a plate to catch the drips. Wash the outside of an unopened carton of yogurt carefully, and dry well.
2. Open the yogurt carton, cover with paper towels, and invert it in one go! Put it on top of the sieve.
3. Poke several air holes in the carton with a knife. (Don't hurt yourself!)
4. In the morning, a tofu-like block of yogurt will have dropped out of the carton. There'll be almost no yogurt left in the carton, and you'll feel very eco-conscious.
5. Open 2 to 3 holes in a plastic container. (Can you see the holes in the photo? Maybe it's too small.
6. "Nyaakun" told me that you can make it without the paper towels.
7. If you strain flavored yogurt in individual portions, it'll becomes creamy and delicious!

Story Behind this Recipe

I hate having to scrape the last bits of yogurt out of the carton.