Fluffy Sweet Bread Rolls

Fluffy Sweet Bread Rolls

I tried out various ways, but this is the best way to prepare fluffy bread with my bread maker.
The egg helps make this bread quite creamy, so instead of milk it uses powdered skim milk.
Since it's pretty sweet, you can eat it plain. It's super fluffy.

Ingredients: 18 pieces, 40 g each

190 ml
Bread (strong) flour
400 g
White sugar
40 g
6 g
Unsalted margarine
60 g
Powdered skim milk
1 packet (16 g)
Dry yeast
7.8 g


1. Put the ingredients into your bread maker and set it to the dough course.
2. Shape into whatever size you prefer and bake in the oven.

Story Behind this Recipe

Fluffy rolls and pastries made from this dough won't harden even after they've cooled down. I tried out various sweet bread dough recipes and this is the result.