How to Boil Bamboo Shoots & Store in Jars (for Over 1 Year)

How to Boil Bamboo Shoots & Store in Jars (for Over 1 Year)

If you receive or harvest too many fresh bamboo shoots to consume in one season, try this method to can them in jars, and they will last for an entire year.


Bamboo shoots
as many as you have
Rice bran
as needed
Red chili pepper
Storage jar
enough to store the bamboo shoots
A large pot
large enough to fit the jar inside


1. I got lots of bamboo here and there this year.
2. So I just boiled it all. Peel back the hard layers, wash clean, and cut the tips at an angle. Stick the knife straight down into the center.
3. Place the bamboo shoots inside their skins into a pot with water along with the bran (a handful), drop in 2-3 red chili peppers, and boil for about an hour without letting it boil over. After boiling, let it cool overnight.
4. Cleanly rinse off the bran the following day, and peel back the brown skin from the cut you made with a knife. (You can eat it at this stage, if you like.) Rub the surface under cold water to remove the scum (It's better to use cold running water), and let sit for half a day.
5. Chop up the bamboo shoots into varying sizes, and pack them tightly into a jar without any spaces between them. Fill with water to the top, and lightly close the lid.
6. Place the jar into the pot, fill with water up to the neck of the jar, and turn on the heat. Bring to a boil, and boil for 30 minutes.
7. Take the jar out, and tightly close the lid, taking care not to burn yourself. (It might be best to get a guy to do this part.) Next, submerge the jar in hot water, and boil for 30 more minutes.
8. Flip the jar upside down, let cool, and it is done. They should last at room temperature for up to a year.
9. How to remove the bamboo shoots: Make a hole in the jar with an opener (it should make a hissing sound as it releases air), and open after letting some air in.
10. You can only use the lid once. You can find storage jars for sale for mountain vegetables (with lids too) at a home improvement centers.
11. I canned this portion of hachiku (Henon bamboo) bamboo shoots a year ago.
12. These jars are from 2012. I have 10 in total.

Story Behind this Recipe

Farmers who cultivate bamboo from their own groves preserve it this way. (And sell them this way, too).

I don't have my own bamboo grove , but I do receive a lot, or at least a whole bunch at once, so this is one job I do with my mother-in-law...