Moist! Apple & Yogurt Cake

Moist! Apple & Yogurt Cake

This is a variation of "Moist! Yogurt Cake" (Recipe ID: 404085) made with apples. The raw apples make the cake even more moist.

Ingredients: 1 pound cake (1 whole pound cake is about 1210kcal)

Lemon juice
as needed (about 2 tablespoons)
about 65g
Vegetable oil
Cake flour
Baking powder
1 teaspoon


1. Peel the apples and cut into 5mm thick quarters. Sprinkle with the lemon juice and set aside.
2. Crack the eggs into a bowl and beat with a whisk. Add the yogurt and mix round and round. Add the sugar and mix round and round again. Stir in the oil until it's all mixed together.
3. Combine the cake flour and baking power, and sift into the bowl from Step 2. Using a rubber spatula, fold the ingredients together.
4. Add the sliced apples and mix until evenly distributed.
5. Line a pound cake pan with cooking paper and pour the batter into it. Bake for 40 minutes in an oven preheated to 190℃.
6. When a toothpick or skewer inserted into the center comes out clean, it is done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I have a never-ending supply of apples, so I tried this variation of my other recipe, "Moist! Yogurt Cake" (Recipe ID: 404085). I wanted to make something so I could eat those delicious apples.