Cheese Fold-In Sheet (For Bread)

Cheese Fold-In Sheet (For Bread)

This is a sheet that is folded into bread dough for cheese lovers. Since it's not sweetened, the bread will be savory. The cheesy fragrance of freshly baked bread made with this is irresistible.

Ingredients: 1 loaf worth

A. Bread (strong) flour
15 g
A. Cornstarch
5 g
100 g
Sliced cheese
3 slices
Egg white
10 g


1. Put the A. ingredients in a heatproof container, and beat with a whisk until light and fluffy (or sift the ingredients together). Add the milk little by little, taking care not to form lumps.
2. Tear the sliced cheese into small pieces and add to the mixture. Microwave uncovered for 1 minute 40 seconds at 700w. Mix well.
3. Add the egg white and mix well to incorporate. Microwave for another minute.
4. Mix well with a spatula, add the butter and mix until melted.
5. Wrap in plastic and form a 15 x 18cm rectangle. When it has cooled, freeze.

Story Behind this Recipe

I uploaded the cheese fold-in sheet that I included in a previously uploaded recipe for marbled bread for cheese lovers, as a separate recipe. This is an unsweetened cheese sheet for savory bread.