Salt-Preserved Cherry Blossoms (in Plum Vinegar)

Salt-Preserved Cherry Blossoms (in Plum Vinegar)

I made these pickled cherry blossoms so that I could their color and fragrance them for a long time. Pickling them with plum vinegar preserves the blossoms and maintains the lovely color. The photos in Steps 6 and 7 show the blossoms that my mother pickled 4 years ago; the color is still in tact. (I included a photo for each step.)

Ingredients: Enough to fill 1 jam jar

Yae-zakura (double-petal cherry blossoms)
50 to 70 g
3 to 5 tablespoons
Plum vinegar
Enough to cover the cherry blossoms (100 ml)


1. Fill water in a bowl, then add the cherry blossoms. They will float, so immerse them with your hands, then gently rinse.
2. Line a plate with a paper towel, arrange the petals on it, then place another paper towel on top to absorb the excess water.
3. In a sterilized jar (prepared by boiling), thickly coat the bottom with salt. Add a layer of cherry blossoms; next, layer on enough salt to completely cover the blossoms, then add another layer of blossoms, and repeat.
4. This is the plum vinegar. It is a byproduct of umeboshi (pickled plums). This is from my mother, but they also sell it in stores. You can pickle the blossoms without it, but it helps preserve the blossoms and maintain their color.
5. After layering the jar with the blossoms and salt, fill with enough plum vinegar to cover the blossoms. Finally, add enough salt to completely cover the blossoms. (The photo shows what the jar looks like after adding the vinegar.) Cover with a lid, then store in a cool, dark place for over a week.
6. These were pickled by my mother about 4 years ago.
7. Even after 4 years, they are still beautiful.
8. They look so gorgeous in these inari sushi with cherry blossoms (Recipe ID: 526922).

Story Behind this Recipe

This year, for the first time, I created dishes using pickled cherry blossoms. Since I wanted to make my own, I had my mother teach me.