An Extra Snack Fish Bone Crackers

An Extra Snack Fish Bone Crackers

You can transform the spines that are left over after making horse mackerel sushi or tataki (seared fish) into a tasty snack.


Horse mackerel spines
As needed (10 this time)
to taste
a small amount
Cake flour
as needed
Frying oil


1. We'll be using the spine part left over after filleting a horse mackerel (the bottom piece in this picture). Wash off any guts and blood that's still stuck to it, season with a bit of salt, and leave to drain in a colander, etc. for about 15 minutes.
2. Fill the frying pan with about 2 cm of oil and start heating. Meanwhile, season the spine with some pepper and then dust them with some flour. You do not need that much flour, since too much flour will cause them to burn. Just sprinkle enough to make you feel that you need a bit more flour.
3. Once the oil is heated to about 160°C (which is a bit lower than usual for fish fries), start frying. After about a minute, lower the heat and deep fry for about 10 minutes, turning the pieces every once in a while. A lot of bubbles would come out at first, just as it will with regular fried foods, but by the end, there will be very few bubbles.
4. Transfer to a tray, drain the oil, and you are done. It goes very well with beer!
5. I make these as an extra snack when I make things like horse mackerel sushi, but I feel that these are more popular than the main dishes.

Story Behind this Recipe

The family of a childhood friend was in the eel aquaculture business, and they would fry up the leftover eel spines to make crackers. I was very surprised as a child that it became such a tasty snack seasoned with just salt. After I started to cook on my own, I started to season this with salt and pepper.