Fruity Frozen Yogurt

Fruity Frozen Yogurt

I added fig jam to my family's basic recipe, and turned it into a fruity frozen yogurt. The yogurt and figs go well together, so I think it will make your tummy happy too! Let your little ones help you make this!

Ingredients: 4~5 people

Plain yogurt
500g (we will be draining the water from this amount)
Heavy cream
Condensed milk
Fig jam


1. =Let's make the water-drained yogurt= place a sieve on top of a bowl, and prepare it with two sheets of paper towels stacked together.
2. Add in the plain yogurt; fold the paper over top of it, place a flat-bottomed plate on top, and use the jam jar etc. in place of a weight, and drain the water for about 30 minutes.
3. Please weight it if you're worried about it, and it's ok if it weighs about 250~280g! (It's also okay if there is a bit extra. Adjust the amount with whey if there isn't enough).
4. Add the sugar to the heavy cream, then whip it. *Make sure not to whip it too hard. (I use 35% fat cream for this).
5. Pour the drained yogurt into a bowl, and use a rubber spatula to knead until smooth. Add the condensed milk to that.
6. Mix Step 5 together until smooth.
7. Mix Steps 4 and 6 together, then pour out into a container and chill in the fridge. (Take it out of the fridge several times, and mix each time to make it turn out smooth.)
8. Open a hole with a spoon when eating if it has solidified, and add in the jam. Place into the fridge once more and let solidify well. Serve with ice cream and other similar dishes and it's done.
9. It's convenient to use freezing containers normally used for rice as well. It will freeze quickly in a doughnut mold, and it looks like an ice cream cup as-is . This recipe yields 4-5 servings.
10. If you are turning these into ice cream bars, then use the jam to make a marble pattern, pack into the containers, and chill to solidify. (I used fruit jam in the photo).
11. =Adding in Marshmallows= Cut up 30g of marshmallows with a pair of kitchen scissors. For those of you that want to leave the shape of the marshmallows intact, please add them in during Step 8.
12. I added it to a waffle cone shell. This will save you time of decorating when you eat it . Please feel free to enjoy it in a variety of ways!

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to challenge myself by making a recipe with jam, so I decided on making a simple ice cream recipe with the it. I used the mousse portion of my family's basic yogurt cake as a base, and introduced it as ice cream.