Bagel Sandwich

Bagel Sandwich

I'd like to introduce my favorite combination! ♪These fillings are perfect for chewy bagels!

Ingredients: 2 sandwiches

Cured ham
About 8 slices
Camembert cheese
1/2 of one
4 to 5 leaves
to taste
Krazy Salt
to taste
Black pepper
a small amount


1. Slice the onions thinly with a slicer. Soak in water.
2. Cut the bagels and toast for 2 minutes. Take them out of the toaster and open them up. Butter the insides.
3. Cut the lettuce to the size of the bagels and wash. Drain the water from the onions in Step 1. Place both the lettuce and the onions on paper towels to drain the excess water.
4. Put the onions, then the lettuce, on the bottom halves of the bagels. Sprinkle the Krazy Salt on top.
5. Tear up the cured ham and put on top of the lettuce. Sprinkle with black pepper. Cut the cheese and put on top of the ham, then more onion, and finally some more Krazy Salt to finish.
6. The chewy bagels with flavorful ham and cheese is so delicious! If you don't tear the cured ham, it will all come out when you take a bite. So, be sure to tear it into small pieces.
7. I made this for cherry blossom viewing in 2008! When using it in a bento, wrap it up tightly! This time I made one with lettuce+onion+egg and one with liver paste+ onion+tomato. I recommend them both!
8. Bonus: I freeze the leftover cured ham. When you want to use it, it's okay to let it defrost naturally. It's delicious like that.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love bagels so I uploaded my personal No. 1 combination.