Chicken and Bamboo Japanese-style Sesame Curry

Chicken and Bamboo Japanese-style Sesame Curry

Using 3 types of sesame, this is an elegant sesame fragrant Japanese-style curry. I used chicken and bamboo this time, but enjoy using your favorite ingredients.

Ingredients: 3 plates

250 g
Cooked bamboo shoots in brine
250 g
1 medium
To taste
Add to taste
granulated konbu dashi stock
8 g
Dried red chilli flakes
Add to taste
White sesame seed paste
50 g
Ground sesame seeds
10 g
Roasted sesame seeds
As needed
Japanese dashi stock
As required
Japanese curry roux
2 servings worth


1. Heat a frying pan over medium heat with oil and add minced onions, garlic, ginger, and red peppers. Add granulated konbu dashi stock after the oil has coated everything, and saute.
2. Medium heat: Once the onions have become transparent and softened, add chicken cut into bite-sized pieces and saute. I used breast meat this time, but feel free to use your favorite chicken cuts.
3. Medium heat: Once the outside of the chicken has turned white, add bamboo cut into bite-sized pieces and lightly saute. It is easy to use boiled bamboo, but feel free to precook the bamboo if you like.
4. Strong heat: Once the bamboo is also coated in the oil, add a little more broth to cover the pot contents, and boil. You can use store-bought broth such as mentsuyu noodle sauce, etc. Use something with a light flavor.
5. Strong heat→ Medium heat: Bring to a boil and skim the scum thoroughly. After removing the scum, boil over medium heat for about 5 minutes.
6. Medium heat: Mixed kneaded and grated sesame, and mix in while boiling.
7. Add in the roux. The sesame will help thicken and will supplement the broth, so use a little less roux than indicated on the box. Please keep an eye on it depending on the type of roux used.
8. Sprinkle toasted sesame right before eating, and it is done. Using red chili oil in place of Tabasco sauce is also delicious!

Story Behind this Recipe

I often make Asian curry by adding coconut. but I wondered how it would taste if I used sesame instead and tried made this.
This is a Japanese-style curry full of the taste of sesame and nutrients. It also goes well with udon noodles!