Pineapple Confiture (Jam)

Pineapple Confiture (Jam)

I made a fresh jam with pineapple! You can make mousse and jelly from the scum skimmed off the top and you can use the juice in the pot leftover after bottling it. So, by making this jam, you can have 3 delicious tastes at once! Go ahead and try it.

Ingredients: Makes 450 ml of jam

1 small, about 600 g of peeled pineapple
Granulated sugar
50% of the fruit, about 300g


1. I used a smaller pineapple. After cutting off the top and bottom and removing the skin and core, the weight came to be 600 g. Use a blender to puree half of it, and cut the other half into 1 cm pieces. Set aside a pre-sterilized jar for later.
2. Add the pineapple to a stainless steel or ceramic pot and sprinkle on the granulated sugar. Leave for 1 hour. You can use any amount of sugar you would like, but 1 pineapple makes a lot of jam, so based on how much you'll preserve, I would recommend using 50%. If you're only making a small amount, then it's okay to lower the amount to 30%.
3. Turn the heat on somewhat high and take off any scum that appears. Don't throw away the scum, but save it in a small container. It will be for the pretty, lemon colored mousse and jelly. Please try it! Boil until the fruit juice becomes transparent, then add the lemon juice, mix together, and turn off the heat.
4. While it's hot, pack it into the jar and it's all set! Once it cools slightly, store it in the refrigerator. Pour 1 cup of water into the now-empty pot and slowly stir to dissolve the jam stuck to the bottom. This will make "Extraordinarily Delicious Pineapple Juice." Enjoy it after it has cooled.
5. With 1 small pineapple (600 g of fruit), you can make 450 ml of jam, 200 ml of juice, and 100 ml of mousse & jelly. You can enjoy 3 different tastes with just 1 pineapple. Please go ahead and try it!

Story Behind this Recipe

I used the appliance brand Ceraware's recipe for "Pineapple Confiture" as a reference.The recipe calls for vanilla beans, but I didn't use them this time. The clumps of fruit make this fresh and delicious. I think you could also mix the whole thing in a mixer and make the jam from puree.