Sakura Mochi with a Rice Cooker

Sakura Mochi with a Rice Cooker

You don't need coarse rice flour (Domyoji-ko). Why don't you try making this simple dessert with glutinous rice and a rice cooker? Perfect for cherry blossom viewing, annual festivals, and gifts.


Mochi rice
2 rice cooker cups
Ordinary rice
1 rice cooker cup
4 tablespoons
Red food coloring
1 tip of a toothpick
3 rice cooker cups worth
Anko bean paste (readymade or handmade♪)
400 to 500 g


1. Rinse the mochi rice and regular rice. Dissolve the food coloring in water. Soak the rice for over 2 hours.
2. Add sugar and cook in a rice cooker as you always do. Voila! Take a look at this beautiful sakura-colored rice Mash lightly with a spatula.
3. Roll the anko into balls.
4. Fold into sakura rice, and you're done. Oh, I forgot about sakura leaves... well, this will do, right!?
5. A great gift.

Story Behind this Recipe

Ohagi (rice cake covered with anko bean paste) is nice too, but I wanted something sakura-color for the annual festival.