Light and Refreshing Hijiki Seaweed and Tuna Soba Noodle Salad

Light and Refreshing Hijiki Seaweed and Tuna Soba Noodle Salad

How about this way of eating soba noodles? You can eat an unbelievable amount even when you have no appetite.

Ingredients: 2 main dish servings or 4 side dish servings

Soba noodles
2 bundles (85 g x 2)
Hijiki seaweed
1/2 cup (100 ml)
Canned tuna in oil
1 can (85 g)
Shiso leaves
3 to 4 leaves
Toasted white sesame seeds
a small amount
To taste


1. If you're using dried soba noodles, boil them following package instructions. If using ready to use boiled soba noodles, poke some holes in each bag and microwave for 1 minute per bag. If using fresh hijiki seaweed pour some boiling water over them and drain. If using dried, rehydrate in water and drain.
2. Put the drained soba noodles on a cutting board and cut them up into easy to eat lengths.
3. Put the cut up soba noodles, hijiki seaweed and lightly drained canned tuna in a bowl and mix well.
4. To finish, sprinkle on some finely shredded shiso leaves and toasted sesame seeds and pour on some mentsuyu sauce. (Use the mentsuyu sauce as is without diluting.)
5. This will serve 2 as a main dish, and 4 as a side dish.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I was pregnant with my second daughter I was having trouble with loss of appetite during the summer and came up with this recipe. It's still a family favorite.