Grilled and Marinated Smelt: Packed With Nutrition and No Oil Added

Grilled and Marinated Smelt: Packed With Nutrition and No Oil Added

Just grill the smelt (shishamo) and vegetables together, and marinate. You can eat everything! It's healthy since there is no oil added.


Shishamo smelt
about 10
Shimeji mushrooms
1 packet
1/2 to 1
☆Red chili pepper
☆ Dashi stock
1/3 cup - 66 ml
1/3 cup - 66 ml
☆ Soy sauce
1 tablespoon
☆ Sugar
1 tablespoon


1. Slice the onion, and divide the shimeji mushrooms into small clumps.
2. Cook the shishamo in the oven. Add the vegetables halfway through and cook them together.
3. You can also cook the fish and vegetables in a frying pan. Line the frying pan with kitchen parchment paper and cook over medium-low heat patiently.
4. When one side of the shishamo smelt are cooked, turn them over and cook the othe side. Add the vegetables at this point and cook them along with the shishamo.
5. De-seed the red chili pepper and slice into thin rounds. Combine the ☆ ingredients in a small pan with the chili pepper and bring to a boil.
6. When the fish and vegetables are cooked using the method in step 2 or step 4, put them in a shallow container and pour the hot marinade over them.
7. You can start eating this pretty soon since the vegetables are not raw. They'll be ready in about 2 hours. Transfer the fish to serving plates with the vegetables.
8. Attention: It's very convenient to cook with kitchen parchment paper, but if you are cooking on gas be sure not to let the edges of the paper catch on fire. I used frozen shishamo smelt here, but I could cook them from frozen using the frying pan method described here over low heat.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was taught a recipe for marinated wakasagi, but I used shishamo smelt, which can be eaten whole, instead. Cheap shishamo are transformed into a main dish.