Gratin-style Baked Broccoli - Great for Bentos

Gratin-style Baked Broccoli - Great for Bentos

This is a favourite lunch box side dish which my grandma used to make.
I was able to eat this even though I don't even like broccoli.
The crunchiness of the Panko bread crumbs, mayonnaise flavored broccoli and prawn are superb.

Why not try it for your lunch box?

Ingredients: 1 serving

about 2 florets
Prawn or crab stick
as much as you like
as needed
Grated hard or semi-hard cheese (optional)
To taste


1. Boil broccoli with salted hot water. Remove the shell from prawn and de-vein. Using the same water as for the broccoli, boil the prawns until they change colour . ※It's cooked under the grill later, so it is okay to under cook.
2. Cut the broccoli and prawn into bite size pieces.
3. Place the mayonnaise on the bottom of an alminium cup case. Then the broccoli and prawns. Cover with mayonnaise.
4. Sprinkle with panko on top and also some grated cheese (optional).
5. Grill until the panko browns and is ready.

Story Behind this Recipe

This reminds me of lunch boxes made by grandma!
Now that I am a mother, I make this for my children!