Sweet Potatoes with Butter Soy Sauce

Sweet Potatoes with Butter Soy Sauce

Boiled potatoes are coated with butter and soy sauce.

Ingredients: None in particular.

New potatoes
6 to 7 small ones
1 tablespoon
Soy sauce
2 teaspoons


1. Scrub the potatoes well. Cut into 1 cm thick slices with the skins on.
2. Put the potato slices in a pan with enough water to cover and start cooking.
3. Boil until a bamboo skewer goes through a slice easily.
4. Drain off the water and return the potato slices to the pan. Shake over heat until all the water in the pan is evaporated and the slices are covered with a fine powder.
5. Turn off the heat, add the butter and soy sauce, mix and it's done.
6. Transfer to serving plates and sprinkle with some parsley if you have it.

Story Behind this Recipe

New potatoes have a light flavor, so I thought they might go well with butter and soy sauce and I created this recipe. My potato loving daughter loves these.