Whole Iyokan Orange Marmalade

Whole Iyokan Orange Marmalade

I used the whole Iyokan citrus, white pith and all. The pith adds a thick and creamy texture to the marmalade. For a recipe that only uses the zest and fruit pulp, see Recipe ID: 520545.


Iyokan oranges
4 (about 1 kg)
180 g
500 g
250 - 300 g
Lemon juice (bottled is fine)
1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon


1. Cut the tops and bottoms off the Iyokan oranges, cut through the sides and remove the peel.
2. Julienne the peels.
3. Take the membranes off the fruit. There should be a 1:2 ratio between the amount of peels and the fruit pulp.
4. Put the peel into a generous amount of boiling water, boil for about 5 minutes and drain.
5. Repeat Step 4 two more times, and the white pith will become translucent. The more you boil and drain the peel, the more pectin will seep and the less creamy the jam will be, so stop after 3 times.
6. Coat the blanched peel with sugar and put in a pot. Add the fruit pulp and sprinkle with sugar. Leave overnight.
7. After 1 night, the fruit will exude moisture and the sugar will have penetrated the peel.
8. Add lemon juice and honey and simmer slowly while adding liquid if the pan runs dry and it's done. Stop cooking when the moisture level in the pan looks about right. If you simmer too much, the jam will be hard and dry.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to eat a very creamy, thick jam with the white pith (which includes a lot of pectin). I tried to prevent the pectin from running out of the pith as much as possible to preserve the very creamy texture. The recipe for the version of this jam without the pith is Recipe ID: 520545.