Sweet Potato and Apricot Simmered with Apple Juice (Macrobiotic)

Sweet Potato and Apricot Simmered with Apple Juice (Macrobiotic)

This is a very easy recipe! Simply put the ingredients in a pot and simmer. Enjoy the soft texture of sweet potato and moist texture of apricot. There's no sugar added in this dish--the natural sweetness makes it tasty. The sweet potato and apricot absorbs the flavours as they cool. You can cook this in no time. This is good for a packed lunch, too. It's a little taste of macrobiotic cooking.


Sweet potato
Dried apricot
150 g
Apple juice
160 ml


1. Use 100% apple juice.
2. Cut the sweet potato and apricot into bite-sized pieces.
3. Put the sweet potato, apricot, and apple juice in a pot.
4. Place a drop lid inside and simmer over the low heat.
5. Cook until most of moisture is gone!

Story Behind this Recipe

I cooked this because I wanted to use up the sweet potatoes I had. I was thinking to make a dish with citrus flavour, but I found apple juice in my refrigerator, so I came up with this recipe, with great results. Of course, you can cook with orange juice instead. This is delicious even after it cools, so it is good for a packed lunch, too! I used organic apple juice.