Starbucks-Style Soy Milk Banana Muffins (Macrobiotic)

Starbucks-Style Soy Milk Banana Muffins (Macrobiotic)

I used Starbucks' soy milk banana muffins as a source of inspiration when making these. They're really easy to make with pancake mix! It seems like they use honey at Starbucks, but I used maple syrup in mine. Maybe these are a bit macrobiotic?! You don't need eggs, butter, or milk to make these. Plus, they can be prepared in one bowl.

Ingredients: 6 muffins

Pancake mix
200 g
Soy milk
Whole wheat flour (or graham flour)
20 g
Maple syrup
1 tablespoon
Banana chops (for decoration)
6 slices


1. Preparation: Set glassine paper cups into the muffin tray. Or, grease the molds on the tray with butter.
2. Add maple syrup to the banana, and mash it up with a fork etc.
3. Add in the soy milk to smooth out the banana purée.
4. Add in the pancake mix/whole wheat flour, and stir it all together.
5. Pour it into the pan.
6. Start preheating the oven (to 180℃). Let the batter sit for a bit.
7. Place the banana chips on top.
8. Bake in the oven at 180℃ for 25-30 minutes. #Please adjust the temperature and baking time to suite your household oven. Cover it with aluminum foil if you feel like your muffins are about to burn.

Story Behind this Recipe

I used the treats they sell in Starbucks as a source of inspiration for these muffins. These are made with whole wheat flour, so they will make you feel full! This has a simple yet gentle flavor thanks to the banana and soy milk. The paper might be a bit difficult to remove though since these are made without oil... If you want to make these even more macrobiotic, then you could use organic pancake mix, or cake flour with baking power, and by using 2 tablespoons maple syrup! The gentle flavor is good for breakfast!