Simple Yakult Jelly

Simple Yakult Jelly

You can use this as baby food or food for the elderly. It's easily made in the microwave, but the Yakult doesn't need to be heated.


Yakult (Probiotic Milk Drink)
325ml (5 small bottles)
Water (to soak the gelatin)


1. Gently pour the Yakult into a bowl.
2. Dissolve the gelatin in water in a heat-resistant container. Once it dissolves completely, microwave for 40 seconds (shown as the bowl on the right).
3. Add the dissolved gelatin to the Yakult and gently mix without forming bubbles. Pour it into containers and cool. It's ready when it sets.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make something out of Yakult without cooking out the probiotics, so I came up with this recipe. Nothing is added, so it only tastes of Yakult, but it's surprisingly very rich and delicious. Water it down slightly to use for baby food, or as a soft food for the elderly?