Chicken Spring Rolls with Salt-Cured Plum and Shiso Leaf

Chicken Spring Rolls with Salt-Cured Plum and Shiso Leaf

Since these spring rolls are made with chicken tenders steamed in sake in a microwave, they fry up quickly. The salt-cured plum and shiso leaf give them a refreshing taste. No need for dipping sauce.

Ingredients: Makes 10 rolls

Chicken tenders
6 to 7
Umeboshi paste
2 tablespoons
Shiso leaves
Spring roll wrappers
Frying oil
1 cup (an appropriate amount for your frying pan)


1. Place the chicken tenders on a heat-resistant plate, top with Japanese leek, ginger, salt, and pepper, then sprinkle on sake, wrap in plastic wrap, then microwave. See Helpful Hints.
2. Microwave for 2 minutes, turn over the tenders, then microwave for 1 more minute. Without removing the plastic wrap, allow the chicken to cook through with the residual heat. Once cool to the touch, shred each piece into 4 to 6 pieces.
3. Remove the seed from the umeboshi, then mince until it turns into a paste. (Or, you could use the tubed type from the store.)
4. Spread out the spring roll wrapper, place a shiso leaf on top, spread on the umeboshi paste from Step 3, then top with the shredded chicken tenders.
5. As shown in the photo in Step 4, fold up the corner facing you, then fold the right and left sides over the top, and roll the rest toward the remaining corner. To seal, put a dab of katakuriko dissolved in water (not listed) on the corner (there should be instructions on how to wrap the rolls on the packaging).
6. Fill a frying pan up to about 2 cm with oil (not listed), then deep fry the spring rolls until golden brown over medium-strong heat. Since the chicken tenders are precooked, the rolls are ready as soon as the wrapper becomes crisp.
7. Refer to the following recipe for preparing the steamed chicken tenders: All-Purpose Recipe! Chicken Tenders Steamed in the Microwave: Recipe ID: 489917.
8. I got a lot of feedback from others saying they added cheese! Enjoy these either way--as a light-tasting or a rich-tasting dish.

Story Behind this Recipe

These are the spring rolls that I grew up with.
This has become my husband's most requested meal item.