English Crumpets

English Crumpets

This English style pancake doesn't require eggs.
Serve with cheese or fruit sauce for breakfast or a snack.

Ingredients: 3 thick crumpets

100 g
150 ml
Dry yeast
1/2 teaspoon
Salt (high quality is best)
1/3 teaspoon
1 teaspoon
Butter (unsalted) / Vegetable oil
1 teaspoon
Kuromitsu, maple syrup, honey, etc.
1 tablespoon
Cheese or fruits
to taste
Butter (usalted) for just before eating
1~ teaspoon


1. Warm the milk. Since we're using yeast, don't boil the milk. Around 38℃.
2. Add the flour, yeast, sugar, and salt in a bowl and mix together. Gradually add the milk from Step 1 and continue mixing.
3. In a different bowl, pour in boiling water. Place the Step 2 bowl over that bowl and cover with a damp kitchen towel for 30 minutes to ferment. When it has doubled in size, it's ready. Stir lightly.
4. Heat up the unsalted butter in a frying pan. Spread butter on bottomless molds (if available) and pour in the batter. Fry on medium heat until both sides are browned.
5. Place a thin slice of butter on each crumpet. Pour your choice of sweet sauce on top and enjoy. Serve with a rich milk tea.
6. You can make them on an electric griddle when you have guests. Just use a small amount of oil, cook both sides, top with butter, and keep warm. You can also make the batter the previous day, refrigerate, and fry the next morning.

Story Behind this Recipe

For the first time in a while I wanted to eat these, so I made them. They take less time to prepare than baking bread. In the past, I used a hot plate with vegetable oil, but I made them in a frying pan with unsalted butter.