Natsumikan Tangerine Marmalade

Natsumikan Tangerine Marmalade

This is a little bitter marmalade with a mature flavor.
It is delicious to enjoy with bread or mix with yogurt.
If you're able to obtain organic natsumikan, make marmalade!


Natsumikan (organic)
as needed
Granulated sugar
half amount of the summer tangerine


1. Prepare organic natsumikan.
2. Cut the into half and take out the inside using a grapefruit knife.
3. Take out the inside nicely so there wouldn't be any waste and squeeze out the juice.
4. Pick the seeds and put it in another pan. Simmer the seeds and make a liquid of pectin.
5. They look like this after taking out the insides.
6. Take off the inner membranes, scrape off some of the fluffy white pith until it's about this uniform thickness as seen in the picture.
7. Chop it up finely like the picture.
8. Boil the finely chopped peel in hot water. Simmer until the bitter taste of the peel softens while changing the hot water frequently. I changed the hot water 3 times, but check the taste and parboil until you get to the right taste.
9. Prepare half the amount of the natsumikan amount of granulated sugar. Simmer the fruit, parboiled peel and granulated sugar together. (Do not add water.) When I made this, I used 2 kg of sugar for 13 natsumikan. Skim off the scum carefully while simmering.
10. When it has reduced, add the liquid of pectin made from the seeds and continue simmering. When it thickens, it is ready. It will thicken more as it cools.
11. Put the marmalade in a washed and sterilized jam jar and cover. Put the jar in a great amount of hot water and boil. Take out the jar which are still hot and close the cover again to tighten. When you hear air escaping, then it's almost air tight.
12. Turn the jars upside down and let sit until they are cool. This is so you can keep the unopened jar in the refrigerator for a while. Since it's preservative-free, it's best enjoyed sooner rather than later.

Story Behind this Recipe

We received a large amount of natsumikan, so I made marmalade many times to use them up. I finally got the way to make it, which I am satisfied. It takes time and effort to make marmalade, but the taste is worth the work. Please give it a try when you get organic natsumikan.